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Incorrect measurements when moving cargo and specialist items such as trucks and vehicles can lead to incorrect billing, customer dissatisfaction, disputes and, much worse than that, accidents when loading and unloading cargo. Therefore, Autotrakker has aimed and succeeded in creating a method of measuring which makes all previous manual methods redundant. Using low-power laser scanning technology, Autotrakker can take digital photographs and store them in a local database, display the data image on the operator’s console, edit the scan image to eliminate unwanted elements such as a tractor or trailer and store all captured data in the local database for further use e.g. a) Link to an automatic Loading and Costing system. b) E-mail to the client, all of which can take as little as 2 minutes for a 20-metre object which gives a full 3D images and cargo specification. Alternatively, using the latest 2D technology a moving scan solution can be implemented which gives accurate measurements to as little as a few millimetres.


Why Choose Autotrakker?

Autotrakker believes that it is probably unique in its approach and the technology it uses to bring its users the following benefits:

  • More efficient manpower and improved management information.
  • Accurate Measurements = less errors & increased revenue.
  • System does not rely upon personal skills for accuracy of measurement.
  • Guaranteed (Instant) repeatability of measurements.
  • Backup calculations with the option for both digital images and optional photo stored in the database.
  • Opportunity to automatically link to an external automated costing, accounting, customer service system being run by the user.
  • Improved customer relations – digital evidence – fewer disputes.


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